Main Features:
Create your circuit schematic on screen
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Solve and show the results on the schematic
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Calculate currents, voltages and power
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Calculate Thévenin equivalent circuit values
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Choose polar or rectangular notation for AC
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Share circuits via Messages or Mail apps
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Print out your circuit
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Copy circuit to clipboard
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Load / save circuits on your device or iCloud
Undo / redo
Copy / paste components
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Built in user guide
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AC or DC Analysis Mode
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In addition to solving DC circuits, Circuit Calculator can also perform steady state analysis of sinusoidal AC circuits in the phasor domain.  To do this it uses complex numbers to represent the component values in the circuit.

The app will automatically calculate the complex numbers for you from the capacitance/inductance and the circuit frequency you're testing.
Control is enhanced by standard gestures
  • Single tap component:
    Toggle selection status for the tapped component (a selected component is highlighted red).
  • Double tap component:
    Rotate the component 90° clockwise.
  • Drag component:
    Move a component around the screen and snap connect to another component on release if in range.
  • Double tap background:
    Zoom in to the maximum scale at the tapped location (a second double tap will zoom the view to fit the entire circuit on screen).
  • Single long press on component:
    Copy an individual component to the clipboard.
  • Single long press on background:
    Paste a copied component.
  • Pinch on background:
    Zoom in or out.
  • Two finger long press on background:
    Undo / redo.
  • Swipe left / right on toolbar:
    Move left and right between the three toolbars.
  • Double tap on toolbar:
    Switch between showing all three toolbars in a vertical stack or just one which can be swiped left / right to change.